Norwegian Forestcats since 2001 in Norway

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We are a small cattery in Sandnes, Norway. In 2001 I started breeding Norwegian forest cats under the breeder name (N)Poten's. In 2006 I decided to put the breeding on hold so that I could focus on "breeding my own children". Eira our oldest arrived in march 2007 and a short time after, Aylinn was born may 2008.

In 2013 we found ourselves missing breeding so much that we decided to start up again. Since many norwegians pronounce "Poten's" wrong we decided to ask FIFe (Fédération Internationale Féline) for a name change. In the summer of 2015 we got confirmation that our breeder name had been changed to NO*Neverwoods, our first choice.

The cats live with us in the house like family members and they will soon also get their own courtyard so they can go inn and out as they choose. For us the most important thing in breeding is healthy and beautiful kittens with a nice temperament.

My husband is a wizard with words so I asked him if he could write something about us, and this is what he wrote:

Neverwoods consists of the litter mother Linn, premier cat litter cleaner Kjartan & their two human offspring who shall remain nameless (although Linn spoiled it further up the page). Linns cat passions collided with her husband Kjartans and together they birthed Neverwoods, a breeder tasked with purrfecting the Norwegian Forest cats excellent features and traits. Situated in the harsh climates of south western Norway, Neverwoods feline offspring are raised close to the elements combined with the loving nurturing from their human co habitants. Be assured that a kitten from us embodies the best qualities associated with the norwegian forest cat.

Linn Sletvold
Klåvsteinane 37
4324 Sandnes
Phone: + 47 93838441
Email: linn(@)


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