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Our Boy
NO*NeverWoods Teferi
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S*Utblickens Magic JW
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NO*NeverWoods Garruk Wildspeaker
(N)NeverWoods Liliana Vess
Greatly missed
IT*Evangelinn Genoubee
Our sweet Genobee, the best mother and a "ninja". It was a shock, getting the call from the vet. We believe that she had an obstacle in her abdomen, but it turned out to be Intestinal intussusception. Too much of her intestine was damaged so she could not be saved. We miss you greatly.

(N) Fodnaheia's Indriya (NFO n 09 24)

(N)Constanse av Sandrabben (NFO n 09 23)

With great sadness, we had to let Cira go 13.06.2019. She had been struggling with cancer for a long time and because of her age and the spread of the cancer there where no option of operating. She was doing fine untill our check up at the vet. Beacouse of complications, we where recommended to let her go. No need to say that it was a really hard desision, but for us the most important is that she did not suffer.* I love you, my so so spesial Constanse'

Imagine Fantaghira Fay*CZ (NFO f 03 22)

My beautiful Imagine, nickname Imi. Unfortunately, she did not get along with other cats, and she was bullied daily. Finally, I had to make a tough decision when she started to get some bad habits. So she was able to move to a beautiful family just 10 minutes from us, here she has a whole house and a loving "slave" family all to herself. She is back to her happy self and I could not have been more happy <3 My only regret is that I wasent able to "man" up to do something about it before.

Main Coon - (N)Tojo Polaris Nickolas Collins (MCO d)

Nicko was sadly not happy with my NFO's so he is know living with my colleague and another MCO and as happy as can be.


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